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By the river of Babylon (Czech version) Con te partiró (Sartori / Quarantotti)

kapesni kapale KAPKA kapesni kapela KAPKA

KAPKA - Pocket Band

Music that you will definitely enjoy!

Great live music and entertainment for any occasion.

Even though there are only two of us, we play three instruments at the same time. We sound like a big band!

Dana Sokolová, singer, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin. She teaches music and singing.

Petr Šimáček, singer, multi-instrumentalist, conductor and teacher. He graduated from VŠMU ( Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava) and AMU (Academy of Perfoming Arts in Prague).

Music and humour

We have an extensive many-sided updated repertory.

We can perform as

music band for dancing and listening

entertainment band

cheerful band

live band

dance band

banquet band

reception band

We play

music for celebrations

music for amusement

music for wedding receptions

music for feasts

live music for dancing

music for vernissages/openings

transparently live music

live music with a sense of humour

music for birthday parties


Valencia, Alicante, Ronda, Málaga, San Sebastian, Las Palmas, Maspalomas, Granada, Sevilla, Zaragoza